Exploring the World of Bait Boat Parts

Bait boat parts are essential components for those who enjoy the art of fishing with modern technology. These parts make your bait boats more efficient and effective, ensuring a successful fishing trip every time. With a wide range of parts available for different bait boat models such as Scavenger / iPilot50 / NG50, iCatcher / iPilot40 / NG40, iCatcher Mini / iPilot20 / NG20, Carpmate / iPilot18 / NG18, and Navitec / iPilot15 / NG15, let's dive in to understand them better.

A Look into Scavenger / iPilot50 / NG50 Bait Boat Parts

The Scavenger / iPilot50 / NG50 range of bait boat parts are known for their superior performance. They are designed to fit perfectly with the Scavenger, iPilot50, or NG50 bait boat models, enhancing their functionality. These parts include motors, propellers, batteries, and other electronic components, all designed with precision to ensure your bait boat runs at optimal efficiency.

The iCatcher / iPilot40 / NG40 Bait Boat Parts

When it comes to the iCatcher / iPilot40 / NG40 range of bait boat parts, one can expect robustness and durability. These components ensure the long-term functionality of your bait boats. Whether you're looking for replacement parts or hoping to upgrade your current fishing setup, this range has everything you need. They offer improved power, increased range, and longer battery life, ensuring a successful fishing trip.

iCatcher Mini / iPilot20 / NG20 Bait Boat Parts: Compact Yet Powerful

Even though the iCatcher Mini / iPilot20 / NG20 bait boat parts are designed for smaller models, they do not compromise on power or efficiency. These parts are ideal for anglers who use the iCatcher Mini, iPilot20, or NG20 models and are looking for superior performance in a compact package. From top-notch batteries to high-performance motors, these parts guarantee an effective fishing experience.

Reliable Carpmate / iPilot18 / NG18 Bait Boat Parts

The Carpmate / iPilot18 / NG18 range offers a wide selection of reliable and sturdy bait boat parts. These parts are made from high-quality materials that ensure longevity and durability. Whether it's batteries, propellers, or other necessary components, this range offers the right parts to ensure your Carpmate, iPilot18, or NG18 bait boat operates at its best.

Exploring Navitec / iPilot15 / NG15 Bait Boat Parts

Navitec / iPilot15 / NG15 bait boat parts are designed to provide reliable and consistent performance. The range includes everything from batteries to motors and other electronic components, all designed to work seamlessly with the Navitec, iPilot15, or NG15 bait boat models. These parts offer improved functionality, ensuring your bait boat is ready for any fishing adventure.


The right bait boat parts are crucial for any angler using bait boats for fishing. The ranges for Scavenger / iPilot50 / NG50, iCatcher / iPilot40 / NG40, iCatcher Mini / iPilot20 / NG20, Carpmate / iPilot18 / NG18, and Navitec / iPilot15 / NG15 offer a plethora of components designed to improve the functionality and efficiency of your bait boat. Whether you're replacing worn-out parts or upgrading your boat's capabilities, choosing the right parts will ensure you have a successful and enjoyable fishing experience.