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Vitalbaits Maiz Protein 1kg


Product information "Vitalbaits Maiz Protein 1kg"

Vitalbaits Maiz Protein is a type of carp fishing bait made by Vitalbaits, a company that produces fishing bait and tackle. It is a type of protein cornmeal that is specifically designed to attract and catch carp.

The cornmeal is made with high-quality ingredients and is formulated to have the right texture, taste, and smell to lure carp to the bait. Protein is an essential nutrient for carp, and including it in the bait can increase the chances of catching fish.

Overall, Vitalbaits Maiz Protein 1kg is a specialized type of bait that is used by anglers who are targeting carp. It can be used alone or mixed with other types of bait to create a custom blend that is tailored to the specific conditions of the fishing location.

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