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Vitalbaits Oyester Shells 1kg


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Product information "Vitalbaits Oyester Shells 1kg"

Vitalbaits Oyster Shells 1kg is a type of fishing bait additive made by Vitalbaits, a company that produces fishing bait and tackle. It is a crushed form of oyster shells that can be added to other types of fishing bait to provide a crunchy texture and a speckled effect.

The oyster shells can also add weight to the bait, which can be useful for increasing the distance when using throwing sticks or catapults to bait the fishing area.

Overall, Vitalbaits Oyster Shells 1kg is a specialized fishing bait additive that can be used by anglers to enhance the texture and visual appeal of their bait, as well as improve its weight and throwing distance.

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