BearCreeks iPilot Bait Boat Upgrade Kit: Baitboat Control, GSP Autopilot and Power Bank - All-in One Ultimate Solution


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Product information "BearCreeks iPilot Bait Boat Upgrade Kit: Baitboat Control, GSP Autopilot and Power Bank - All-in One Ultimate Solution"

Ultimate Bait Boat Upgrade Kit: Boat Control, GPS Autopilot, and Power Bank - All-in-One Solution for Precise Navigation and Extended Operating Times in Carp Fishing.

The iPilot GPS autopilot technology is presented by Navison Group and now exclusively used by BearCreeks GmbH. The "Boat Control + GPS Autopilot + Power Bank," All-In-One Upgrade Kit for bait boats is a must-have for carp fishing bait boat enthusiasts. With its high precision navigation, user-friendly interface, and long-range capabilities, your fishing experience will be more efficient and enjoyable. Upgrade your fishing trip today with the iPilot Upgrade Kit.

Main Features:

1.      Self-Calibration: The iPilot system has a self-calibration feature that starts with a command from the handset.

2.      Spot Saving: The iPilot Upgrade Kit enables you to save 26 fishing spots, including a home spot, on different waters. This makes it easier to return to your favorite fishing spots, saving you time and effort.

3.      Precise Navigation: The iPilot system is equipped with highly precise navigation, allowing the boat to automatically sail straightly from spot to spot with 90% accuracy within 1m.

4.      Long-Range and Failsafe Auto Home Mode: The iPilot Upgrade Kit offers a range of 400-600m and has a failsafe auto home mode, ensuring the safety of your bait boat in case of low power or weak signal.

5.      Built-in Lithium Handset Battery: The iPilot Upgrade Kit includes built in 3.7V 12000mAh lithium Handset battery, providing up to 24 hours of intensive outdoor use, so you can spend more time fishing.

6.      Power Bank Functionality: The large capacity handset battery can also serve as a power bank for your smartphone.

7.      User-Friendly Interface: The iPilot Upgrade Kit features a 480*272 Pixel color display, showing parameters such as the compass, driving direction, power status of the boat and handset, and distance to the spot. This makes the system easy to use and understand.

8.      Compatible with Bait Boats: There is an iPilot kit to fit your needs, whether you have a small or large bait boat.

The iPilot System is compatible with following bait boat models:

iPilot50.Kit Fits: BearCreeks Scavenger and Scavenger Pro, Waverunner MK1/MK2/MK3/M4, Quad Bait Boat TRANSPORTER, ANACONDA SEA GUARD, ULTIMATE BAIT CRUISER, Vega Boat, Carp Academy, CARPBOAT, KINCARP V1, K-KARP BLACK QUEEN, Carp Royal LORD, Carponizer

iPilot40.Kit Fits: BearCreeks iCatcher and iCatcher Pro, CULT RANGER, ANACONDA WAVE HOPPER, SKARP S60, CARPBOAT SKARP, KINCARP V3 

iPilot20.Kit Fits: BearCreeks iCatcher Mini, Navimate, Waverunner SPORT, Quad Bait Boat Speed GT, ANACONDA WAVE JET, CARPBOAT SMALL JET, KINCARP V6, K-KARP ARDITO

iPilot18.Kit Fits: BearCreeks Carpmate and Carpmate Pro, Waverunner SHUTTLE, Quad Bait Boat KOMPACT, Trend Micro, Vega Boat Micro, KINCARP V4, Carp Royal Duke

iPilot15.Kit Fits: BearCreeks Navitec and Navitec Pro, Waverunner ATOM, Quad Bait Boat EXPLORER, QUAD V2, ANACONDA TANK, TANK II, ULTIMATE BAIT CRUISER mini, Vega Boat mini, Carp Academy Small, CARPBOAT Mini, KINCARP V2, K-KARP TORMENTA, SOUL Bait Solution

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2 July 2023 07:41

Merci pour cette agréable expérience d'achat.

J'ai commandé ceci pour améliorer mon bateau d'appât QUAD TRANSPORTER, c'était facile avec les instructions fournies par le service client de BearCreeks. Le GPS fonctionne bien et la batterie de la télécommande est suffisante pour une utilisation de 3 jours. Merci pour cette agréable expérience d'achat.

1 July 2023 08:05

Thanks for the pleasant shopping experience.

I upgraded my waverunner MK4 with this kit, the seller was patient and sent me some photos to show me how to upgrade. it was a great help. I tested the boat yesterday, so surprised with the performance of the great iPilot system. the boat runs very fast and straight. also precisely found the saved fishing spots. thanks for the pleasant shopping experience.

30 June 2023 09:39


This kit fits my customers Black Queen bait boat perfetly. the upgrade is easy. antenna is inside the boat but still offers 400m range. the handset lithium batteries is enough for 2 day use.

30 June 2023 08:21

Super upgrade for most of bait boats on the market.

my customer wanted us to upgrade his boat with this system. received it 3 days after the order placed. good design with a big display. saves 25 fishing spots, straight, quiet, fast! the handset can also charge smartphones. congratulations!