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Carpmate Bait Boat Motor Mount


Product information "Carpmate Bait Boat Motor Mount"

The BearCreeks Carpmate bait boat motor mount is an essential component for securely mounting the motors in the bait boat. The motor brackets are screwed into the prefabricated drill holes in the bottom shell of the bait boat with the corresponding screws, ensuring that the boat motors are held in the correct position. The package contains two motor mounts, but please note that the screws are not included and should be ordered separately.

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Accessory Items

Carpmate Bait Boat Top Hull and Bottom Hull
The Carpmate bait boat hull consists of both an upper and lower shell made from strong and impact-resistant ABS material. Its hydro-dynamic catamaran design is created through 3D CAD and precision injection moulding. With a 100% perfect fit, no gluing is required as the hulls are assembled and sealed with rubber gaskets and stainless steel screws. All necessary drillings for bait boat spare parts such as motors or LED lighting systems are already precisely prepared. The package includes the upper and lower shell boat hull and two battery covers. It is suitable for Carpmate, Waverunner Shuttle, Trend Micro, KINCARP V4, and Quad Kompact bait boats. The hull dimensions are 47 cm x 31.3 cm x 21.5 cm and include a recess for one release hook system and a feed chamber with a 2.0 kg capacity. Please Note: As BearCreeks is also an OEM manufacturer, the boat boat hulls may come with different logos or colours. If this is the case, we will randomly ship bait boat hulls with various logos or colours. 

BearCreeks Scavanger, Navitec and iCatcher Bait Boat Engines
BearCreeks Scavenger bait boat engines are powerful and quiet, perfect for quickly reaching your desired fishing spot. Installation is easy and no complex configuration is required. The engines are attached to the bottom of the bait boat with the appropriate motor bracket and connected to the motor trimmer. The set includes two motors only. The motor coupling, oil seal and matching propellers can be ordered separately. These motors are also suitable for installation in BearCreeks iCatcher and Navitec bait boats.