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BearCreeks GPS Autopilot Upgrade Kit for Bait Boats

BearCreeks GPS Autopilot Upgrade Kit für Futterboote
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BearCreeks  Bait Boats  GPS Autopilot Upgrade Kit There is no cheaper way... more

BearCreeks Bait Boats GPS Autopilot Upgrade Kit

There is no cheaper way to equip your boat with a GPS & Autopilot System!

The BearCreeks GPS Autopilot Upgrade Kit converts your normal baitboat into a PRO version. With it you can set 20 different HotSpots and a starting point "home mode" with the remote control and your boat will then automatically drive to the spot you have chosen. The GPS autopilot system has an accuracy of +/-20cm depending on satellite availability. So you can always drive exactly to the feeding spots and place your rigs and baits exactly with the baitboat. In addition, if the battery voltage is too low, the baitboat automatically returns to you at the starting point.

For the additional cost of 50€ you can get the professional installation of the GPS autopilot upgrade kit in your bait boat. Please send your boat to our address in Ingolstadt and receive it back with the new features for your better fishing experience. The update replaces the motherboard and remote control with 5.8GHZ and works on bait boats with lead acid and lithium batteries. Please let us know by email or phone that the installation is needed.

Please note, in case the GPS Upgrade kit was not correctly installed by yourself or the boat does not function properly after you did the upgrade, the shipping costs for the return or repairment should be covered by the customer. We can only guarantee the proper functionality of the kit if it was installed by our technician.

There are 4 different upgrade kit versions available. Please make sure to select the correct system when ordering.

V1= Scavenger

V2= Navitec

V3= iCatcher

V4= Carpmate


Furthermore, the GPS Autopilot Upgrade Kit can be used for the following baitboats:

Waverunner MK (V1), Waverunner Atom (V2), Cult Ranger (V3), Waverunner Shuttle (V4), Quad Transporter (V1), Quad Explorer (V2), Quad Kompact (V4), Skarp (V3), Navic, Anaconda Sea Guard (V1), Anaconda Tank (V2), Anaconda Wave Hopper (V3), Bait Cruiser (V1), Bait Cruiser Mini (V2), Trend Micro (V4), Vegaboat (V1), Black Queen (V1), Carpboat (V1), Carponizer (V1) - If you have any questions regarding compatibility, please contact us.


Features of the GPS Autopilot:

  • 5.8 GHz system (does not interfere with other devices (GPS and sonar))
  • Storage of 20 HotSpots possible
  • Storage of 1 Start point/Home mode
  • Baitboat automatically returns to the starting point if battery voltage is too low
  • GPS accuracy +/-20cm (depending on satellite availability)


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