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fishing cap BearCreeks Fishing Cap
battery cable bait boat Battery lead (black)
BearCreeks Baitboat Backpack Large BearCreeks Baitboat Backpack Large
€49.00 * €39.00
BearCreeks Bait Boat Bag Mini S BearCreeks Bait Boat Bag Mini
€39.00 * €29.00
Navic Deluxe Bait Boat Bag - M Navic Deluxe Bait Boat Bag - M
€65.00 * €55.00
BearCreeks Deluxe Futterboot-Tasche - L BearCreeks Bait Boat Bag Deluxe Large
€79.00 * €65.00
BearCreeks iCatcher Futterboot Lithium Akkus Lithium Batteries for iCatcher bait boat
€199.00 * €189.00
BearCreeks Carpmate iCatcher Mini Futterboot Lithium Akkus Lithium Batteries for BearCreeks Navimate &...
€169.00 * €159.00

What are the special features of our bait boats?

Our five bait boat models are manufactured in Germany from high-quality and durable individual components. The basis is a precisely cast hull made of ABS. The 5.8 GHz radio system controls the boats up to 600 meters. Whether you want a bait boat with an echo sounder, with GPS autopilot system or with other components - you can assemble all models exactly according to your needs. You benefit from our experience of over 260,000 boats sold in more than 15 years.

How does a bait boat work?

A bait boat brings fish food to remote locations and attracts fish there. It is controlled by radio remote control and releases the small bait fish or baits on site at the push of a button. An optional fish finder helps you to locate the appropriate spot. If the bait boat is equipped with GPS, it even drives itself to preset hotspots in autopilot mode.

Purchase a bait boat online now at

In our online store you will find not only bait boats, but also powerful echo sounders and GPS systems as well as a wide range of accessories and spare parts. This ranges from bags to batteries to weed guards. Accompanying you with our professional service before and after the purchase we are at your disposal. Build with us your dream bait boat! We are looking forward to your inquiry!

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