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BearCreeks Carpmate Bait Boat

Suitable for amateur and professional anglers our extremely popular Carpmate bait boat! The compact but powerful boats can also attract bigger fish, despite of its size. Carpmate Pro equipped with GPS autopilot will make your fishing trip even more successful! In a Carpmate bait boat you can transport up to 2 kg of fishing baits, which you can use to guide fish to your fishing spot. The boat is comfortably operated by 4-channel remote radio control. The moulded design, high-quality materials and reliable electronica guarantee that you invest in durable equipment for the long years to come!

What equipment does the Carpmate bait boat have?

All bait boats of the Carpmate series are equipped with two powerful and maintenance-free motors, which handle different weather conditions and transport the boat safely. The bait chamber has a longer shape and holds up to 2 kg of baits and is also suitable for small bait fish. With our radio system, you can operate the bait boat at a range of 600 m. Thanks to extra bright LEDs at the front and back, you have your Carpmate in view regardless of the lighting conditions. All models can be equipped with an optional fish finder, if you wish!

What are the differences between the models of the Carpmate bait boats?

You can choose between the two variants: Carpmate or Carpmate Pro. The first model offers all the important basic functions, such as bringing the baits to a distance of 600m, releasing the hook, opening the hopper doors. Thanks to the boat´s size, lithium batteries last up to 8 hours. The premium Carpmate Pro model features a GPS autopilot system that brings the boat to up to 21 stored fishing locations. When the signal is weak or the battery is low, the Carpmate Pro bait boat automatically returns to the home spot. Each Carpmate can be upgraded to Carpmate Pro after time, so you have the convenience of trying out the basic functions and improving your bait boat later upon request.

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In the store of BearCreeks you can select from 5 different bait boats for ambitious anglers. Benefit from an attractive price-performance ratio and a customer-friendly after sales service. Get advice online or by phone if you have any questions and then order your custom-made radio-controlled bait boat! 2 years warranty are provided for each product!

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