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BearCreeks Scavenger Bait Boat

With a bait boat from the Scavenger series, your fishing will be brought to a completely new level! These powerful boats attract biggest fish easily - radio remote control allows precise navigation to most of the spots. A bait boat with GPS autopilot and echo sounder guarantees more successful sessions.

In a Scavenger bait boat you can transport up to 4 kg of fishing baits in two separate bait chambers, optionally you can increase the bait capacity to 5,5kg by attaching a spiral hopper. The boat can be comfortably operated by radio control. The high-quality materials and the sturdiness are further advantages for a bait boat of this series - you invest in durable equipment for the professional angler!

What equipment does the Scavenger bait boat have?

The Scavenger series bait boats posess two powerful and maintenance-free motors that safely transport the boat through waters, even if the waves are strong, Scavenger bait boats can handle them thanks to their size. Scavenger boats are the only among BearCreeks family that are equipped with 2 spacious bait chambers that have the capacity of 4 kg altogether. Scavenger are also the only boats which can have an optional spiral hopper for even bigger bait capacity. The radio system impresses with a range of 600 m, so you can operate the boat even at long distances. Thanks to extra bright LEDs, you have your Scavenger bait boat in view regardless of the lighting conditions. Additional front search light can be attached to the bait boat and ensure the better visibility. All models can be ordered with an optional fish finder!

What are the differences between the models of the Scavenger bait boat?

With the Scavenger bait boats you choose between the three variants: Scavenger lead or lithium and the comfort boat Scavenger Pro. The first two models offer all the important basic functions - the difference is in the type of battery and radio frequency - 2.4 GHz and 5.8 GHz. Lead batteries last up to 1,5 hours at top speed, while lithium batteries last 3 hours. The premium Scavenger Pro model features a GPS autopilot system that steers the boat to up to 21 stored fishing locations. When the signal is weak or the battery is low, the bait boat automatically returns to the launch site.

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In the store of BearCreeks you can buy bait boats for ambitious anglers. Benefit from an attractive price-performance ratio and a customer-friendly service. Get advice online or by phone if you have any questions and then order your custom-made radio-controlled bait boat!

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