Bait Boat Hopper Drop Electro Magnet Set

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  • BC.MagHop
Bait Boat Hopper Drop Electro Magnet Set Bait boat release magnets - electromagnetic... more

Bait Boat Hopper Drop Electro Magnet Set

Bait boat release magnets - electromagnetic control of the hopper doors. They enable a 100% opening of the flaps. In contrast to other bait boat manufacturers with servo control, our system has the advantage that the flaps open quickly, quietly and above all always. Easy installation, no soldering or complex gluing necessary.

This Hopper Drop Electro Magnet set is easy to install in the top and bottom hull and connect to the mainboard. No drilling needed, because all drillings are already there in the hulls. 

For Scavenger and other bait boats with 2 feed flaps, you need 4 pcs. of release magnets, for all other bait boats with one feeding chamber - 2 pcs. Please select the correct number when purchasing.

Complete Electro Magnet set is suitable for the bait boats below:

  • BearCreeks Scavenger, iCatcher, Navitec, iCatcher Mini, Carpmate
  • Waverunner MK 1/2/3/4, Atom, Shuttle, Sport
  • KINCARP V1, V2, V3, V4, V6
  • Anaconda SEA GUARD, Tank, Wave Hopper, Wave Jet
  • KKarp Black Queen Bait Boat
  • SPORT CARP Bait Boat
  • BaitCruiser, Bait Cruiser Mini, Skarp S60, Trend Micro, Navimate
  • CARPBOAT, Carponizer
    and others

Delivery contains:

  • 1x Hopper Drop ElectroMagnet Set (4 Electromagnets)


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