Scavenger Baitboat Lead Acid Version 2.4

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Scavenger Baitboat Lead Acid Version 2.4 The Scavenger is our largest baitboat from the... more

Scavenger Baitboat Lead Acid Version 2.4

The Scavenger is our largest baitboat from the entire BearCreeks baitboat family. This compact catamaran made of ABS with high stability and impact resistance has 2 large feeding chambers as well as 2 extra strong motors and works with an electromagnetic system. This boat is equipped with a 2.4 GHz radio system. With a range of 600 meters, you can use the boat to bring out up to 4Kg of baits to the desired fishing hotspot. Of course, this baitboat is also suitable for our predator anglers, who can either hang their bait fish on the 2 release hooks or put them into the feeding chambers. With the possibility of motor trimming you can tune the motors independently and thus react to wind and water currents. Fully microprocessor controlled electronics allow variable speed adjustment for forward and reverse. If the radio signal is too weak, the boat will stop moving forward and keep turning in circles until the signal is sufficient to manoeuvre the boat safely.

The scavenger is available in many different configurations, which we carefully manufacture and test at our headquarters in Ingolstadt, Germany before they leave our premises.

All Scavenger models can be quickly upgraded. For example GPS/Autopilot system, various Fishfinder/Echo Sounder systems or with our Rear Hopper, which allows you to transport additional 2Kg of fish food.

Important features:

  • very strong & impact resistant ABS boat hull
  • 2 electromagnetic releasehooks
  • 2 extra strong boat engines with algae protection
  • 2 separately operated feed chambers, each with a maximum bait capacity of 2 kg
  • 2.4 Ghz radio system
  • Range up to 600 m
  • LED battery indicator with the colours red, yellow and green
  • Switchable lining boat lighting (front, side, rear lighting)
  • +/- 2 hours mileage at maximum speed
  • Hull - dimensions: 68 cm x 48 cm x 24 cm

The Scavenger Baitboat is supplied with:

  • 2.4 GHz remote control
  • Lead/lead battery for the baitboat
  • Charger for the lead/lead battery
  • Rechargeable 1.2 V batteries with 1500 mAh for remote control
  • Charger for remote control batteries
  • Bag for the baitboat

Select an echo sounder for your bait boat using our configuration. More infos about echo sounders can be found here

Optional accessories:

 You can download the manuals for this bait boat anytime here.

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