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PowaPacs Powerful, compact and lightweight…This all-in-one Li-Po Powerbank... more


Powerful, compact and lightweight…This all-in-one Li-Po Powerbank always delivers power when you are fishing, camping or doing other outdoor activities. If portability is as important to you as price, you will definitely want to take a look at this product. This sleek, little black box packs 84 watt-hours of energy into a decidedly small frame. Additionally it is supplied with its own dedicated SOLAR PANEL so you can recharge this powerbank on the go.

The whole kit weighs only 1.2Kg and is supplied in an easy-to-carry case.

  • Portable power supply, with AC, QC 3.0 USB for supplying power to small appliances.
  • 24000mAH 84Wh high capacity lithium batteries.
  • 1 universal 230v AC socket for universal standard plugs.
  • Peak 95W, continuous 65W.
  • LED light indicator, AC power on, power indicator and error warning
  • 1 x QC 3.0 USB output
  • 1 x Type C input
  • Power off automatically in 30 minutes without load connection
  • Input: 15v type C mains and solar.
  • Protection
  • Over load protection.
  • Over voltage protection.
  • Over current protection.
  • Over temperature protection.
  • Over charging protection.
  • Short circuit protection
  • Short voltage protection.
  • Short circuit protection for battery.
  • Specifications
  • Battery pack high rate 18650 lithium battery.
  • Capacity 24000mAh/3.7V
  • LED Power indicator
  • ON/OFF indicator
  • Red Light Error indicator
  • Charging Input Amperage Type C 15v
  • Charge time 6Hrs


PowaPac Luxx PowaPac Luxx
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