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How does an echo sounder work?

The device emits sound waves to detect underwater structures. These sound waves are reflected by obstacles and received back by the fish finder. From the travel time of the sound waves, the depth echo sounder calculates water depth, bottom hardness and detects objects in the water. This information is shown on the display as an image of the underwater world. This way you can easily recognize suitable fishing spots.

Fishing with fishfinder

Our echo sounders achieve radio ranges of up to 800 meters and measure depths of up to 80 meters. They are therefore suitable for deep water and shallow water. The high-resolution displays in color, grayscale or black and white accurately depict the underwater world. They show you not only bottom structures, aquatic plants and fish, but also additional information such as water temperature. All our models are suitable for our bait boats.

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In our online store you can buy not only high quality bait boats and the matching echo sounder, but also a wide range of fishing equipment and fishing accessories. Our professional service supports you at any time - whether with the installation of the echo sounder in your bait boat or with detailed advice before and after the purchase. Fish with our echo sounders like the pros! We are looking forward to you!

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