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iPilot15 Bait Boat + BC201 Colour Fish Finder Combo

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iPilot is a revolutionary navigation technology presented by Navison Group. This unique... more

iPilot is a revolutionary navigation technology presented by Navison Group. This unique innovation is now exclusively used in BearCreeks bait boat series.

iPilot System Technical Features:

1. Self Calibration: self calibration starts after a command sent from the handset.

2. Spot saving: possibility to save 26 fishing spots including Home on even different waters.

3. High Precision: After a touch of a button, the boat can automatically, precisely and straightly sail from spot to spot. 90% within 1m.

4. Friendly User Interface: 480*272 Pixel color display shows various parameters such as number of satellites, compass, direction of the boat, power status of both boat and handset and distance to the spot etc.

5. Super Long Range and Failsafe Auto Home Mode: the system provides 400-600m operative range. Boat returns home automatically in case of low power or weak signal.

6. Equipped with Lithium bait boat batteries and a 3.7V 12000mAH built in Lion Handset battery which provides up to 24 hours of intensive outdoor use.

iPilot15 Bait Boat Specifications:

1. Equipped with Built in iPilot Navigation System from Navison Group Limited.

2. 2.4GHz Radio system with internal antenna. no more trouble of loss or damage of external antenna

3. Bait Hoppers, Rigs and even lights can be easily operated on handset.

4. 2 maintenance free motors and propellers provide a speed about 100m per minute.

5. 1 electric magnet controlled bait hoppers provide up to 2KG bait capacity.

6. 1 electric magnet controlled hook release system.

7. Equipped with 1 Lion bait boat batteries and a 3.7V 12000mAH built in Lion Handset battery which provides up to 24 hours of intensive outdoor use.

8. Weight: About 5.5KG including batteries.


The BearCreeks BC201 colour echo sounder is a modern colour fishfinder which has been especially developed and tuned for bait boats.

The large 3.5" colour LCD TFT guarantees a good picture, which is very easy to read even in very strong sunlight. With a range of at least 800m and a water depth of up to 80m you can find all HotSpots in your lake. In the integrated Real-Time Window you can see in real-time what is under the baitboat. The echo sounder also includes a zoom mode where you can take a closer look at a section of the image. The BearCreeks BC201 colour echo sounder guarantees no loss of performance in radio transmission and display quality.

The modern transducer provides a detailed recording of fish, aquatic plants and the structure of the bottom, which is shown in the display with excellent quality.

This colour echo sounder fits into most bait boats such as: BearCreeks ScavengerNaviteciCatcheriCatcher MiniCarpmate, Navimate, Waverunner MK3, Atom, Shuttle, Sport, Cult Ranger, Anaconda Sea Guard, Tank II, Wave Hopper, Wave Jet, Quad Transporter, Explorer, Compact, Trend Micro, Skarp Bait Cruiser, Bait Cruiser Mini, Carp Academy, Carponizer as well as K Karp and many other brands and models on the market.

Technical features:

  • 3.5" TFT LCD monitor with a good display
  • Resolution: 480x320 pixels, 65,536 colors
  • Display of water temperature, depth, the voltage in the boat and colour sounder
  • detailed reproduction of the soil conditions, water plants, fish crescents or fish symbols
  • Real-time display of the underwater structure in excellent quality
  • Zoom mode
  • Encoder angle 20-60 
  • Range 800m +/-, max. depth: 80m
  • Radio Frequency 433.92MHz
  • Simulation program
  • Sonar frequency: 83KHz & 200KHz
  • voltage: 12V
  • Temperature range: - 20 to + 70 ° C
  • many different languages adjustable


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