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BearCreeks KinCarp Bait Boat Lead Acid Battery iCatcher Bait Boat Lead-Acid Battteries
Lead-Acid Battery for Bait Boat With a power of 6V and 8Ah, they have enough power to use the iCatcher bait boat for approx hours before they have to be recharged. Please note: The rechargeable batteries can only be used for bait boats...
€35.00 *
BearCreeks VF02 Wireless Fishfinder Ecolot Black/White Fishfinder with Rechargeable Battery
BearCreeks black and white Fish Finder The VF fish finder is a wireless black and white echo sounder with 4 different shades of grey and a 3.5" LCD display. With a range of up to 300m and depth of 36 meters, you can find most hot spots...
€299.00 *
BearCreeks BC151 Farbecholot für Futterboote BearCreeks Colour Fishfinder with Rechargeable...
BearCreeks Colour Fishfinder BC151 BC151 Colour Fishfinder is produced by Toslon , it has the same features as Toslon TF500. With this you have a modern color sounder, which was developed and tuned especially for our baitboats. The...
€499.00 *
BearCreeks iCatcher Futterboot Lithium Akkus Bait Boat Lithium Battery
Lithium Battery for Bait Boat For a longer runtime for bait boat, depth sounder and GPS / autopilot system, we recommend our strong lithium batteries. With a power of 12V and 17.6Ah, they have enough power to use the iCatcher bait boat...
€199.00 *
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