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PowaPac Ultralite Kopflampe PowaPac Ultralite Headlamp
PowaPacs Ultralite Head Torch Are you tired of bulky, uncomfortable straps and heavy head torches? Do you carry a flashlight when fishing, working or reading in the dark? Then you are gonna love the new Powapacs Ultralite head torch....
Powapac Powalite + Camping Light PowaPac Powalite+
PowaPacs - Powalite+ Take this popular Bivvy/camping light to the next level! Perfect for your next fishing or camping trip. The Powalite+ uses the latest PIR technology and design features as the most popular light on the fishing &...
PowaPac Powalite XL IR Lamp PowaPac PowaliteXL
PowaPacs - PowaliteXL The Powalite XL is a tough multipurpose dual colour light with a remote control. It is not only a light, it also encompasses a power bank function , allowing you to charge your USB compatible devises conveniently...
PowaPac Luxx PowaPac Luxx
PowaPacs - Luxx Handy, compact and bright - LUXX with a selection of 7 different colours comes with a small remote control that can be used up to 10m away. Fully waterproof (IP65) design means it is great for outdoor actvities like...
PowaPacs ION + solarpanel PowaPacs ION
PowaPacs Powerful, compact and lightweight…This all-in-one Li-Po Powerbank always delivers power when you are fishing, camping or doing other outdoor activities. If portability is as important to you as price, you will definitely want to...
Powa Pacs Powerbank PowaPac Atom Powerbank
PowaPac Atom Powerbank The ATOM is an absolutely lightweight, powerful and silent smart power bank / solar energy generator. With the option of a solar panel it can use solar energy to charge the lithium batteries . This powerbank is...
60Watt PowaPac Solarpanel Powa Pacs Solarpanel 60W
PowaPacs Solarpanel 60W The PowaPacs Solar Panel is the most powerful, foldable panel from PowaPacs, equipped with the efficient solar cells. With the power of 60W and the combination of USB and DC output, this powapac solar panel is...
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