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Your BearCreeks bait boat requires the same care and maintenance as your car. Please feel free to contact us directly:


BearCreeks Ltd.

Marie-Curie-Str. 6

85055 Ingolstadt

+49 (0)841 13803990
WhatsApp +49 (0)152 05149860


If you have a problem or question about your product, we would like to help you as quickly as possible. To do this, it is often helpful if you send us photos or videos that show when and how the problem occurred. You can send these by email to or as a WhatsApp message (save landline number as contact, we will then be visible in WhatsApp).


Furthermore, we have the following service partners:


X-Pro Fishing
Sinalbenkirchen 107
8261 Sinabelkirchen
+43(0)664 17 89 859 (Karl-Heinz Eibl)
+43(0)664 23 52 775 (Kurt Eibl)


Great Britain:

Bait Boat Solutions

+44(0)7931616997 (Joe)

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Yana | BearCreeks
Yana | BearCreeks
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