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Special offer !  Only while stocks last ! iCatcher Mini 2.4GHz and Echo Sounder... more

Special offer ! Only while stocks last !

iCatcher Mini 2.4GHz and Echo Sounder VF01

Smallfast and agile, that is our iCatcher Mini baitboat (formerly known as Navimate). This boat is 3D CAD designedhydro-dynamic catamaran made of ABS and despite its size and low weight it is very stable on the water. The upper and lower parts are bolted with stainless steel screws, which simplifies maintenance.

The iCatcher Mini is equipped with quality quiet and powerful motors including weed guards, a patented independent large electro magnetic feed chamber for up to 2kg of baits and a patented independent magnetic release hook. With the internationally patented hopper system, it can efficiently pick up and distribute even the smallest particles.

With a 2.4 Ghz radio system and a range of 600m (depending on weather and environmental conditions) you can reach all desired HotSpots with this bait boat. Fully microprocessor controlled electronics allow variable speed settings for forward and reverse drive. The motors can be adjusted to wind and current conditions by the remote control motor trim, which always allows the boat to run perfectly straight. The extra built-in emergency power circuit prevents the baitboat from getting lost. If the radio signal is too weak, the boat stops moving forward and keeps turning in circles until the signal is again sufficient to manoeuvre the boat safely.

Furthermore, the boat has 2 large ultra high intensity white front LEDs2 blue LEDs and a LED battery indicator with the colours red, yellow and green at the rear of the boat. All lights can switched on and off the by the remote control.

The iCatcher Mini Bait Boat comes with lithium batteries as standard for a running time up to 6 hours.The battery cover is connected to the upper shell by very strong magnets, which guarantees a very fast exchange of the batteries. You also have the possibility to charge the batteries directly at the stern of the boat without having to remove the batteries from the boat.The charger and the rechargeable AA batteries are included as standard.                              

This baitboat can be equipped with an Echo Sounder/Fish Finder at any time.

The iCatcher Mini is available in many different configurations, which we carefully manufacture and test at our headquarters in Ingolstadt before they leave our house.

Important equipment features: 

  • Fishfinder / Echo Sounder VF01
  • very stable & impact resistant ABS 3D CAD catamaran hull 
  • microprocessor controlled electronics for variable forward and backward movement
  • 2 quiet & powerful engines with respective engine trim including propeller weed guard
  • 1 internationally patented electromagnetic release coupling / hook release at the rear
  • 1 internationally patented electromagnetic feed chamber for up to 2Kg bait capacity
  • extra bright LED's (switchable front and rear lighting)
  • LED battery indicator with the colours red, yellow and green
  • 2.4Ghz radio remote control
  • range up to 600 m
  • 2x lead batteries
  • 3 hours running time at maximum speed
  • dimensions: 47 cm x 31 cm x 25 cm

 The Bait boat is delivered with:

  • Echo Sounder VF01
  • 2.4 GHz remote control
  • 2 lead batteries for the baitboat
  • Charger for the lead batteries
  • Rechargeable 1.2 V batteries with 1500 mAh for remote control
  • Charger for remote control

Optional accessories:


Fishfinder VF01

The Fishfinder VF01 is a wireless black/white echosounder with 4 different shades of grey and 3,5" LCD display. With a fabulous range of up to 300m you can find most of the hot spots in your fishing pond or lake. Whether it's sensitivityfish symbolswater depthtemperature display or the many other settings, you can adjust the depth sounder to any situation. With the 4 different shades of grey on the display you can read the bottom structure of your water exactly and use the baitboat to place the feed in the desired position.

With this echo sounder, finding underwater mountains, break-off edges or schools of fish is very easy.

Technical properties:

  • range 300m
  • 3.5" black/white LCD display
  • 4 display grey tones
  • Minimum depth 60cm
  • maximum depth 36m
  • Sonar frequency: 200 KHz
  • Temperature range: -20° - +70° C
  • portable monitor with battery compartment
  • 4 x AA batteries for the depth sounder
  • external power supply unit for charging the AA batteries in the battery compartment


PowaPacs ION + solarpanel PowaPacs ION
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