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Team Members

Throughout the European continent we have a pool of fishermen and anglers who work with us.
They use and test our tackle and equipment and give us their detailed feedback. The experience of using our products in the field is very valuable for the manufacturers. This creates a win-win situation between team anglers and BearCreeks, as it allows manufacturers to continually optimize their products in terms of quality and functionality. Our team anglers enjoy the advantage of getting the latest products (such as bait boats, echo sounders or even bite indicators) for free.

How to become a team angler?

BearCreeks mainly works with anglers who already have some reach in the industry - check out the interesting interviews about the experiences of our existing team anglers.

Are you active on social media and have a lot of followers? Perfect, because you should present and explain the provided products in social media - and report about your experiences.
Feedback is therefore provided via video, photos and other media. The footage is evaluated in the manufacturer's research and development department. They provide feedback to the respective manufacturer of the tested product - or, in the best case, confirm that the product works optimally.

Currently, we are mainly looking for new team anglers in Estonia, Latvia, Lithuania, Poland, Czech Republic, Romania, Croatia, Italy, Greece and the Netherlands. Interested? Then feel free to get in touch via email or WhatsApp with links to your social media accounts. Tell us about yourself and your experiences. We look forward to hearing from you!


Interviews with our team anglers


Peter Mc Laughlin (Germany)_@pmcl61

Hello, my name is Peter Mc Laughlin, I am married and have two grown up children.

I have been exclusively hooked on carp as a target fish for 40 years now. My preferred waters are large and very large waters. In Germany and especially abroad. My favorite destination is France. But Romania, Holland and Italy were also not safe from me.

I have been with BearCreeks for almost two years now. Why? Because I am convinced of the products. Bait boats are not expensive, with the hardware and software they can always compete with all other high end boat brands. Now you're going to say that as a team angler I'm obliged to say something similar, but it is not the case. As a tester of the BearCreeks company, I point out to the people in charge what can be improved for us carp anglers.

Greetings and "Only the fat"



Alain Vandenbossche (Belgium) @carpisto_morgane

Hello everyone, I am Alain, married to my first big love and proud father of 3 children. Carp fishing has been in my blood since the late 1980s. Just like almost every other, I started in smaller waters but soon moved to our challenging Belgian canals. I love doing things differently and catching those strong wild carp.

The BC202 Fishfinder gives me a good overview of the bottom and thanks to the GPS I can reposition the lines after a first run in the darkest night, which makes the chance of a second bite very high. With the powerful motors, I know the Scavenger will always come back, even with the strong current created by the channel locks.

The cooperation with BearCreeks is mainly due to the extra strong customer service and good communication, including the possible 3-year warranty for many worry-free sessions.

We are therefore convinced that we will continue to work well with BearCreeks for many years ahead.

Finally, we wish everyone fantastic moments with beautiful catches. Respect each other and everything in and around the water.... Petri Heil together!




Jesus Domínguez Cabello @zulesdc

My name is Jesús Domínguez Cabello, I have been a carp angler for more than 10 years, I always try to find a time slot to dedicate to what I like to do most - fishing!

I come from the south of Spain, Antequera (Málaga) to be more precise. I usually go to reservoirs near my house and sporadically I try to visit Extremadura, where the best fish in Spain can be found.

BearCreeks is a great brand, I have my Scavenger Pro bait boat for over three years and it's just amazing. Great customer and after sales service, endless range of products , all of great quality and  a good price.



Marilyn Pivaque Granda (Spain) @pivei99

Hello, I am Marilyn! I live in Spain, in a city in the province of Ávila. Professionally I am involved in testing computer systems in the field of telecommunications.

I have always loved being outside, with animals and in nature. But it was my boyfriend and my brother who made carp fishing my passion. When I caught my first carp, I became addicted to carp fishing. I am a dynamic and extroverted girl, always ready to help and very cooperative in teamwork!

I have been in the BearCreeks team for about a year, being very grateful to Victor for trusting me to be part of this great family. My Bait boat is the Carpmate Pro, I am very happy with it, it is quite stable even in wind and rain and very effective with its BC151 fish finder.




Henrik Lindh (Sweden) @henriklindh81

My name is Henrik and I am originally from Sweden, but I have spent the last 2,5 years in Spain.

Been a sport fisherman for over 30 years and the last 5 years I have more or less focused only on carp. I have traveled around the world to catch them in unusual places (Australia, Thailand, USA) with great success.

I am super happy to be a part of Team BearCreeks and my absolute favorite bait boat is the   iCatcher Pro. I use it for small and big lakes and within 100s of yards of distance it has never let me down. I have even tried it in bad weather conditions "brutally" several times.

Highly recommended Bait boat⭐.

Kind regards




Thibaut Blies (France) @thibaut_blies 

I am 25 years old, I come from the Lorraine region, more precisely from Nancy (54).

Since I am fishing from the shore mainly with the rod, I decided to complement my hobby with the help of the Bait boat. BearCreeks provides me with this so that I can fish in complicated sectors. This bait boat meets all my expectations, equipped with GPS and Eco-Sounder and a lithium battery.

This boat really suits me, I will try to take some nice snapshots.

If you have any questions do not hesitate to contact me, I will be happy to take the time to answer you!



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