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Extra Carp Camou Iternity 1000m

Extra Carp Camou Iternity 1000m
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  • 30-3822
Extra Carp Camou Iternity 1000m 30-3822 0.28 mm 10.90 kg 30-3839 0.30... more

Extra Carp Camou Iternity 1000m

30-3822 0.28 mm 10.90 kg
30-3839 0.30 mm 12.70 kg
30-3846 0.33 mm 13.90 kg
30-3853 0.35 mm 15.20 kg
30-3860 0.37 mm 17.60 kg
30-3877 0.40 mm 18.80 kg

Camouflage monofilament line for designed and produced for carp fishing. Exceptionally strong and with low stretch  coefficient also features surface softness and smoothness that provides long and precise cast with minimum friction on the guide rings.

Camouflage color makes this line almost invisible when submerged in lakes, rivers etc.
CAMOU INFINITY is also UV resistant and keeps original properties after a long use.
Available as 1000 meters of line on the spool in metal can which also protects the line.

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