iCatcher Mini Bait Boat Front LED Light Cover

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BearCreeks iCatcher Mini  Front Search LED Light Cover Set Sturdy front... mehr

BearCreeks iCatcher Mini Front Search LED Light Cover Set

Sturdy front spotlights Cover set to protect the LED's and the boat from water penetration. The front lights are simply fixed in the bait boat top hull with the screws supplied. This set fits the bait boats below:

  • BearCreeks iCatcher Mini
  • Anaconda Wave Jet
  • Navic Navimate
  • Waverunner Sport
  • Raven Tactic V3
  • Speed GT bait boat
  • KKarp Ardito Bait Boat
  • SPORT CARP Bait Boat
  • CARPBOAT Small Jet

Please note - the required LED's must be ordered separately.


  • 2x Front Search LED Light Cover
  • Screws and Washers
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