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Navitec Bait Boat LED-Loom


Product information "Navitec Bait Boat LED-Loom"
The BearCreeks LED-Loom for Navitec Bait Boat is a complete LED cable set designed specifically for use with the Navitec Bait Boat. This LED-Loom set is very easy to install in the upper and lower shell of the boat and can be connected to the main connector on the mainboard without the need for any drilling. All necessary drillings are already in place.

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Accessory Items

Navitec Bait Boat Front LED Light Cover
The BearCreeks Navitec Front Search LED Light Cover Set is a durable protective cover designed to shield the LED lights and the bait boat from water damage. The front lights can be easily mounted in the bait boat top hull using the included screws and washers.Please note that the LED Loom Set required for these lights must be ordered separately.

Navitec Bait Boat Top + Bottom Hull
The Navitec Bait Boat Hull is an extremely strong and impact-resistant boat hull made of ABS. This hydro-dynamic catamaran design was created using 3D CAD and is manufactured using precise injection molding, ensuring a 100% fit and no need for gluing. The hulls are assembled and sealed with rubber gaskets and stainless steel screws, with all necessary drillings for baitboat spare parts like motors or LED lighting system already completely and precisely prepared.Package Contents: Upper and Lower Shell Boat Hull 1x Battery CoverTechnical Features: ABS CatamaranDimensions: 54.5cm x 37.5cm x 23cmRecess for One Release Hook SystemBait Hopper for 2kg Feed CapacityPlease Note: As BearCreeks is also an OEM manufacturer, the boat boat hulls may come with different logos or colours. If this is the case, we will randomly ship boat hulls with various logos or colours.