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Navitec Bait Boat Mainboard with GPS Function


Product information "Navitec Bait Boat Mainboard with GPS Function"
The BearCreeks Navitec Bait Boat Mainboard with GPS is an essential component needed to control all important functions of the Navitec bait boat with GPS function. This mainboard can be easily fixed in the middle of the bait boat lower hull with two screws, and no drilling or gluing is required.

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BearCreeks bait boat mainboard
Ronny B.

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The BearCreeks 5.8GHz bait boat GPS autopilot upgrade kit is a game-changer for fishing enthusiasts. Not only does it offer advanced features such as automatic navigation and autopilot, but it also includes a spot-saving feature that allows you to save your favorite fishing spots and return to them with ease. In addition to its impressive capabilities, the autopilot upgrade kit also features a fail-safe function that ensures your boat returns home automatically in case of weak signal or low power. Plus, the kit shows the distance from the home spot, so you always know how far you are from your starting point. Overall, the BearCreeks 5.8G bait boat autopilot upgrade kit is an essential tool for any serious angler. With its advanced technology and fail-safe features, you can fish with confidence and efficiency, knowing that your bait boat will always navigate accurately and return home safely. BearCreeks 5.8G bait boat GPS upgrade kit is compatible with following bait boat models: GPS50 Kit Fits: BearCreeks Scavenger, Waverunner MK1/MK2/MK3/M4,  Quad Bait Boat, TRANSPORTER, ANACONDA SEA GUARD, ULTIMATE BAIT CRUISER, Vega Boat, Carp Academy, CARPBOAT, KINCARP V1, K-KARP BLACK QUEEN Carp Royal LORD Carponizer GPS40 Kit Fits: BearCreeks iCatcher , CULT RANGER  ANACONDA WAVE HOPPER,  SKARP S60, CARPBOAT SKARP,  KINCARP V3  GPS18 Kit Fits: BearCreeks Carpmate, Waverunner SHUTTLE,  Quad Bait Boat KOMPACT,  Trend Micro,  Vega Boat Micro,  KINCARP V4,  Carp Royal Duke GPS15 Kit Fits: BearCreeks Navitec, Waverunner ATOM, Quad Bait Boat EXPLORER, QUAD V2, ANACONDA TANK, TANK II, ULTIMATE BAIT CRUISER mini, Vega Boat mini, Carp Academy Small, CARPBOAT Mini, KINCARP V2, K-KARP TORMENTA SOUL Bait Solution