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PVA BAG 70 x 140 mm / 10 pcs


Product information "PVA BAG 70 x 140 mm / 10 pcs"

PVA BAG is used to bait exactly where you cast your fishing line in carp fishing.

Feeding apparatus for feeding, rockets etc. A variety of methods can be used. But with these methods, it is quite difficult to bait exactly where your Boili team fell. It can also lead to financial waste by pouring too much feed unnecessarily.

When you fill the PVA BAG PVA BAG with baits such as Boil pieces, pallet baits and lamb feed and tie the mouth, you attach the Boil to your hook and throw your fishing line the distance you want. When your fishing line falls into the water, the PVA BAG starts to dissolve in the water and the baits are distributed exactly around your hook, allowing you to bait perfectly accurately and economically.

Regardless of the water temperature, PVA BAG can be dissolved in water all year round.

PVA BAG is sold in two sizes, 70x140mm and 70x190mm.

There are 10 PVA BAGs in 1 package.

Product code 

96-1231 70x140mm

96-1248 70x190mm


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