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Vitalbaits Dip Nutty Crunch 250ml


Product information "Vitalbaits Dip Nutty Crunch 250ml"

Boost the attraction of your bait with Vitalbaits' Nutty Crunch Dip - a sweet and creamy blend of Nutty Crunch flavour and tigernut extract that's perfect for big carp. Use it as a booster in your boilies, stick mix, and groundbaits. This highly attractive dip comes in a 250ml volume bottle.

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Boilie Nutty-Crunch 14-24mm
Nutty-Crunch-Boilies This Vitalbaits boilie is based on using the best available milk proteins, high levels of natural sweet proteins, top grade Tigernut flour and added tigernut sweetner, makes Nutty Crunch a very attractive and creamy boilie with a slight crunch. As this bait doesn’t contain any fishmeal of any kind, we have searched for an ingredient that gives the same digestion values (Casein) along with high levels of free amino acids from hydrolysed yeast, egg proteins fermented milk. Nutty Crunch boilies can be easily digested and used all year round, even in the coldest conditions where it was originally formulated in Denmark. Available Size:  14mm, 18mm, 24mm Available Weights: 1Kg , 5Kg Available Color: Natural, White