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Vitalbaits Pop-Ups Nutty Crunch 14-18mm 80g


Product information "Vitalbaits Pop-Ups Nutty Crunch 14-18mm 80g"

Vitalbaits Nutty Crunch Pop-Ups are a popular choice among carp fishing enthusiasts. These buoyant carp fishing baits mimic the texture and flavor of nuts, providing a familiar and irresistible taste for carp. The pop-ups mix is made with the same natural attractants as the Vitalbaits boilies, but with a higher concentration of these attractors. The best flavors, including N-Butyric Acid oleoresins and Citric Acid, are included to enhance the potency and effectiveness of these pop-ups.

Vitalbaits Nutty Crunch Pop-Ups come in sizes of 14mm and 18mm, making them suitable for various fishing conditions. They float on the surface of the water for over 48 hours, providing ample time for carp to be attracted to them. These pop-ups are known for their strong scent and taste, making them a highly effective bait option for carp and other coarse fish, 

Each pack of Vitalbaits Nutty Crunch Pop-Ups weighs 80g, providing anglers with a convenient and easy-to-use bait option. Overall, these pop-ups are a great addition to any angler's tackle box, helping to increase catch rates and improve overall fishing success.

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