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Vitalbaits Pop-Ups Plum Damson 14-18mm 80g


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Product information "Vitalbaits Pop-Ups Plum Damson 14-18mm 80g"

Vitalbaits Pop-Ups Plum Damson 14-18mm are a popular choice among carp anglers who are looking for a fruity and potent bait option. These pop-ups are made using a combination of high-quality ingredients and natural attractants, including the same attractors as the Vitalbaits boilies, but with a higher inclusion rate of these attractors.

The buoyancy of the Vitalbaits Pop-Ups Plum Damson allows them to float on the surface of the water, remaining attractive for over 48 hours. These pop-ups are available in sizes of 14mm and 18mm, which are perfect for anglers to match the hatch and target fish in different water conditions. These pop-ups are known for their strong scent and taste, which makes them a highly effective bait option for attracting carp.

Each pack of Vitalbaits Pop-Ups Plum Damson weighs 80g, making them a convenient and easy-to-use option for anglers who want to experiment with new bait types without having to invest in larger quantities.

The fruity scent and taste of these pop-ups make them an excellent option for anglers who are looking to increase their catch rates. These pop-ups have been field-tested and proven to be highly effective, helping anglers to achieve their fishing goals. In summary, Vitalbaits Pop-Ups Plum Damson 14-18mm are a potent and versatile bait option that can help you to catch more carp and other coarse fish.



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