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Vitalbaits Pop-Ups the MOJO, 14-18mm


Product information "Vitalbaits Pop-Ups the MOJO, 14-18mm"

Vitalbaits Pop-Ups the MOJO is a type of pop-up bait made by the Vitalbaits brand. The MOJO flavor is made of a combination of soluble fish meal, krill meal, and Robin Red meal with a hint of fish and crab. This unique blend of ingredients is designed to be highly attractive to carp and other freshwater fish.

The MOJO pop-ups are available in three colors: yellow, pink, and orange, which are all proven fish-catching colors. They are also available in two sizes, 14mm and 18mm, which are suitable for a variety of fishing situations and conditions.

Like other Vitalbaits pop-ups, the MOJO pop-ups are designed to float and remain attractive for more than 48 hours, giving anglers plenty of time to entice fish to take the bait. They are a popular choice among carp anglers due to their high-quality ingredients and proven effectiveness.

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