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Advanced Jet-Like Weed Guard for Scavenger Bait Boat


Product information "Advanced Jet-Like Weed Guard for Scavenger Bait Boat"
Enhance your fishing experience by upgrading your Bait Boat with the newly designed weedguard. When paired with longer shaft motors, these jet-like weed guards can boost your boat's speed by up to 50%. Additionally, the efficient and quiet operation of the weedguard extends your boat's runtime, providing you with more time on the water. Designed specifically for BearCreek's Scavenger, Quad Transporter, and Waverunner MK bait boats, this upgrade is essential for maximizing speed and improving your fishing success.

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Scavenger Bait Boat Weed Guard "New Style"
Győző C.

Efficient and quiet!

I received the order within 4 days. Super! This pair of weed guards improves the speed a lot and very quiet. The service is always good.
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