Comprehensive Guide to Bait Boat Parts for Carpmate, Navitec, iPilot15, and NG15

Boasting advanced features and a robust build, bait boats like the Carpmate, Navitec, iPilot15, and NG15 are every fishing enthusiast's dream. With an array of components specifically designed for these models, understanding bait boat parts becomes crucial for a smooth fishing experience.

Essential Bait Boat Parts for Navitec and Navitec Pro

Navitec and its advanced counterpart, Navitec Pro, are premium offerings from the BearCreeks lineup. They come equipped with sophisticated parts that enhance their functionality. From the onboard GPS system for navigation to a high-capacity bait hopper, every component ensures a seamless fishing trip. Understanding these bait boat parts is critical for maintaining your Navitec or Navitec Pro in peak condition.

Understanding the Components of iPilot15

The iPilot15 is a robust and versatile bait boat designed for the modern angler. Whether you are trolling in freshwater or casting in marine environments, iPilot15 proves to be a reliable companion. The integral parts like the propeller system, remote control, and bait release mechanism contribute significantly to the iPilot15's overall performance. Familiarizing yourself with these bait boat parts will enhance your angling experience and enable quick troubleshooting when needed.

Key Components of NG15

Renowned for its compact design and powerful features, the NG15 has made a mark in the world of bait boats. It comes with a variety of essential parts, including an efficient motor system, advanced remote control, and bait storage compartments. Understanding these bait boat parts can significantly help in regular maintenance and timely repairs of the NG15 bait boat.

Compatibility across Other Bait Boat Models

The parts of these bait boats are not just restricted to their respective models but are also compatible with several other popular bait boat variants. Some of these models include:

  • Waverunner ATOM
  • Quad Bait Boat EXPLORER, QUAD V2
  • Vega Boat mini
  • Carp Academy small
  • SOUL Bait Solution

This broad compatibility of bait boat parts ensures a convenient and cost-effective way to maintain and repair your bait boats, irrespective of the model you own.


Knowledge about the components of your bait boat not only empowers you to maintain your device efficiently but also helps optimize its performance for a rewarding fishing experience. Whether you own a Navitec, iPilot15, NG15, or any of the mentioned models, understanding your bait boat parts is your first step towards a smooth and successful fishing trip. Happy angling!