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Every angler needs basic equipment, which includes a fishing rod, reel and line. Accessories such as floats and swivels are also essential. Those who have discovered their passion for fishing will soon no longer want to be content with these basics. Here in the shop you will find fishing accessories such as radio bite indicators and bait boats that further increase the pleasure of fishing. In addition, extras such as echo sounders increase the chance of an attractive catch!

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Scavenger Baitboat with Lead Acid Battery Version | 2.4GHz Radio System | Optional Fishfinders

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BearCreeks iPilot40 Carp Fishing Bait Boat with GPS Autopilot System and Optional Sonar Fishfinder

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BearCreeks Carp Fishing Bite Alarm Set 4+1 BCBA09

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Lithium Batteries for BearCreeks Navimate & Carpmate bait boat

€159.00* €209.00*
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What fishing accessories do I need?

Basically, it is enough for beginners to buy an inexpensive fishing rod. With a rod, line, reel and a few accessories, there is nothing to stop you fishing. However, there is much to be said for buying additional fishing accessories online. For example, you can use a bait boat to attract fish to your bait. With an echo sounder including colour display, you can also scan the water for fish. In our branch in Ingolstadt, we can integrate the echo sounder into your bait boat. A radio bite indicator that immediately alerts you about a bite is a valuable service. Tip: Find out about our wide range of fishing accessories in the Terminal Tackle category, such as bait spikes and knot pullers!

Fishing accessories for carp fishing

One of the most popular angling fish is the carp - a classic freshwater fish and much sought-after food fish. It mainly stays at the bottom of the water or seeks shelter near water plants. Here in our fishing shop you can purchase high-quality accessories especially for carp fishing. Invest in sturdy fishing reels with high braking power and carp cradles. Order a powerful headlamp to spot carp even in murky waters. Lamps with motion detectors are also a practical accessory. Want to fish for carp overnight? Rest in a sturdy fishing tent!

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With high-quality technical equipment from BearCreeks, you will fish with greater yield! What's more, you benefit from durability and a two-year warranty with our fishing accessories. The products in this shop come from our own production in Ingolstadt - this guarantees the impressive quality! Another advantage is that spare parts are available from us at any time. Take your time to look at the wide range of products and equip yourself with professional equipment from BearCreeks!