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Bait Boat Hopper Drop Electro Magnet Set


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Product information "Bait Boat Hopper Drop Electro Magnet Set"

Bait Boat Hopper Drop Electro Magnet Set

Bait boat release magnets - electromagnetic control of the hopper doors. They enable a 100% opening of the flaps. In contrast to other bait boat manufacturers with servo control, our system has the advantage that the flaps open quickly, quietly and above all always. Easy installation with the suitable screws, no soldering or complex gluing necessary.

This Hopper Drop Electro Magnet set is easy to install in the top and bottom hull and connect to the mainboard. No drilling needed, because all drillings are already there in the hulls. 

For Scavenger and other bait boats with 2 feed flaps, you need 4 pcs. of release magnets, for all other bait boats with one feeding chamber - 2 pcs. Please select the correct number when purchasing.

Complete Electro Magnet set is suitable for the bait boats below:

  • BearCreeks Scavenger, iCatcher, Navitec, iCatcher Mini, Carpmate
  • Waverunner MK 1/2/3/4, Atom, Shuttle, Sport
  • KINCARP V1, V2, V3, V4, V6
  • Anaconda SEA GUARD, Tank, Wave Hopper, Wave Jet
  • KKarp Black Queen Bait Boat
  • SPORT CARP Bait Boat
  • BaitCruiser, Bait Cruiser Mini, Skarp S60, Trend Micro, Navimate
  • CARPBOAT, Carponizer
    and others

Delivery contains:

  • 1x Hopper Drop ElectroMagnet Set (4 Electromagnets)

 Please note that the screws are not included in the delivery, they must be ordered separately.

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Hristo H.

Good parts for service.

works fine on my customers boat. good parts for service.
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Marko M.

Tolle Aftermarket-Artikel

Nachdem ich meine alten irgendwie durchgebrannt hatte, musste ich diese kaufen und ich habe damit keinen Fehler gemacht! Die Auslösekupplungen passen perfekt auf mein Boot und funktionieren wie sie sollten. Außerdem sind sie sehr einfach zu montieren und anzuschließen.
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Scavenger Bait Boat Top + Bottom Hull
The hydrodynamic catamaran design is precisely injection-molded using 3D CAD technology. The hulls are assembled and sealed with rubber seals and stainless steel screws, eliminating the need for gluing or drilling. The package includes the upper and lower hull, battery cover, and echo sounder recess cover.This set comes with all necessary drillings for LED light systems and motors, and has a feed chamber capacity of 5kg with a recess for 2 release couplings. Please Note: As BearCreeks is also an OEM manufacturer, the boat boat hulls may come with different logos or colours. If this is the case, we will randomly ship boat hulls with various logos or colours.