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BearCreeks Bait Boat Lead Acid Battery Charger


Product information "BearCreeks Bait Boat Lead Acid Battery Charger"

BearCreeks Bait Boat Lead Acid Battery Charger

Charger for all bait boats equipped with lead acid batteries.

Charger is compatible for the following baitboat brands: 

  • BearCreeks: Scavenger, Navitec, iCatcher, Carpmate, Navimate, iCatcher Mini
  • Waverunner: MK3, Atom, Shuttle, Sport 
  • Anaconda Sea Guard, Tank II, Wave Hopper, Wave Jet, Quad Transporter, Explorer, Kompact , Trend Micro, Skarp, Bait Cruiser, Bait Cruiser Mini, Carp Academy, Carponizer and K Karp.

If your bait boat lead acid battery has a yellow plug, you will need this connector cable to connect the battery to the charger.

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Accessory Items

Lead-Acid Batteries for BearCreeks iCatcherMini, Navimate and Carpmate Bait Boats
Bait Boat Lead-Acid Battery With a power of 6V and 4,5Ah, they have enough power to use the bait boat for approx 2 hours before they have to be recharged. Please note: The rechargeable batteries can only be used for bait boats in the lead acid version and cannot be used with bait boats with lithium batteries. These batteries can only be charged with the BearCreeks Charger. Suitable for the following models / brands: BearCreeks iCatcherMini, Navimate, Carpmate and other models / brands like Waverunner Sports, Waverunner Shuttle and Trend Micro. When ordering, please indicate which connector variant you require: RED OR BLACK.  Voltage: 6V Capacity: 4,5Ah In order to make sure that the batteries serve you longer, please recharge them every 2-3 months, even if you do not use the boat. Please read the user manual for the boat for further instructions on how to charge and store the batteries. Incorrect usage might lead to an early failure of the batteries.