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BearCreeks Remote Control Handset Rain Cover


Product information "BearCreeks Remote Control Handset Rain Cover "
If you're a fisherman who loves to use a bait boat during rainy weather, the BearCreeks rain cover is an accessory that you should consider. This rain cover is designed to fit almost all bait boat handsets, including the BearCreeks Navitec, iCatcher, Carpmate, Navimate, Waverunner Atom, Waverunner Shuttle, Angling Technics Procat, Angling Technics Standard, Angling Technics Technicat, Viper Icon, and more. The BearCreeks rain cover is made from high-quality materials that are durable and water-resistant, ensuring that your bait boat handset stays dry and protected during rainy weather. The cover is easy to install and remove, and it won't interfere with the operation of your bait boat handset. Overall, the BearCreeks rain cover is a must-have accessory for any fisherman who wants to use their bait boat during rainy weather. It's a simple and affordable way to protect your bait boat handset and ensure that it stays in good condition for years to come.

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