BearCreeks V4 Bait Boat | Refurbished


Product information "BearCreeks V4 Bait Boat | Refurbished"
This BearCreeks V4 bait boat is equipped with a  5.8 GHz radio system, microprocessor controlled electronics, two powerful, quiet and maintenance-free motors, extra motor trim, an electromagnetic release clutch and extra ultra high LEDs. With this baitboat you can cover a range of up to 400m and thus reach most of the fishing hot spots in your lake.  The bait chamber offers enough space for up to 1.8 kg . At the stern of the boat there is an additional battery indicator to show the capacity of the batteries.  
 Key Features  
- 5.8GHz radio control system with a range up to 400 m 
- 2 powerful and maintenance-free motors incl. algae protection 
- 1 bait hopper with 1.8 kg bait capacity (bait hopper measures: 25cm*8cm*6,5cm) 
- 1 hook release system - 8 extra bright LEDs in total (incl. LED battery indicator at the rear) 
- Bait boat dimensions: 47 cm x 31.3 cm x 21.5 cm  
- Weight: About 6.5 KG 
 The BearCreeks V4 baitboat is delivered with:  
- 5.8GHz bait boat with radio remote control  
- Lead acid battery and charger for bait boat 
- Rechargeable batteries and charger for remote control  
- Antenna 
On this page, we occasionally offer refurbished bait boats. These bait boats are primarily used as samples in our fishing exhibitions or for testing purposes by our team anglers.  As BearCreeks is an OEM manufacturer, the refurbished boats may have different logos or colours. If this is the case, we will randomly ship boats with various logos or colours. Prior to shipment, each refurbished boat undergoes a thorough inspection to ensure that the bait boat is in proper working order.  Unless stated otherwise, a one-month warranty is provided for refurbished bait boats.

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