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Scavenger Bait Boat Mainboard


Product information "Scavenger Bait Boat Mainboard"
The BearCreeks Scavenger Baitboat Mainboard is a necessary component to control all important functions of your bait boat. Designed to be fixed in the top hull, installation is easy and hassle-free with pre-existing holes. Please note that if you have a Scavenger bait boat with GPS, you will need to order the V1.PCB-MainboardGPS instead.

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Accessory Items

Scavenger Bait Boat Main-Switch-Loom
The BearCreeks Scavenger Bait Boat Main-Switch-Loom comes with a complete cable set that includes an on/off switch, contact plug for charger and fishfinder. This set is easy to install in both the top and bottom hull of your bait boat and provides a reliable connection to the mainboard. Made with high-quality materials, this cable set ensures smooth operation and long-lasting performance.

Scavenger Bait Boat LED Loom Set
The Scavenger Bait Boat LED Loom Set is designed for easy installation and connection to the mainboard in the top hull. With the remote control, you can activate the front and rear lights at night or dusk, and the red and green LEDs on either side of the boat indicate the activation of the release hooks and feed hoppers. All necessary drillings are already present in the hulls, so no drilling is required. This LED Set is compatible with the following bait boats: BearCreeks Navic Scavenger, Waverunner MK 1/2/3/4, KINCARP V1, Anaconda SEA GUARD, QUAD BAIT BOAT TRANSPORTER, KKarp Black Queen Bait Boat, SPORT CARP Bait Boat, VEGABOAT, and BaitCruiser.

BearCreeks Bait Boat 5.8GHz 6 Channel Digital Remote Control Manufactured by FLYSKY
BearCreeks 5.8GHz 6 Channel Bait Boat Digital Remote Control Full control of your bait boat, with the possibility of separate engine trim, speed adjustment for forward and backward way, triggering of the feed hopper opening and adjustment of the LED light system. With the easy-to-read display, which also shows the remaining charge of the baitboat battery and the battery of the remote control. This handy remote control can be quickly connected to your baitboat without complex configurations.  The joysticks on our remote controls were customized according to the habits and wishes of our customers. The left joystick (with the help of which you open the hopper doors and release the hook) is very sensitive, you just need to slightly push the joystick to the left or right and the needed function will be performed.PLEASE NOTE: do not continuously press the joystick, this will lead to magnets burnout and might damage the wiring. The right joystick (with the help of which you direct the boat) can be brought to the steady position, so that when you want to bring the boat 500m forward, you do not need to constantly press the joystick. It is enough to bring it to the steady position once and then manually bring it to the neutral position, when you would like to stop the boat. This remote control is suitable for all baitboats with a 6 channel and 5.8Ghz system and fits for following models: BearCreeks Scavenger  KINCARP V1 Please note: The handset is delivered together with the receiver and the antenna.

Scavenger Bait Boat Top + Bottom Hull
The hydrodynamic catamaran design is precisely injection-molded using 3D CAD technology. The hulls are assembled and sealed with rubber seals and stainless steel screws, eliminating the need for gluing or drilling. The package includes the upper and lower hull, battery cover, and echo sounder recess cover.This set comes with all necessary drillings for LED light systems and motors, and has a feed chamber capacity of 5kg with a recess for 2 release couplings. Please Note: As BearCreeks is also an OEM manufacturer, the boat boat hulls may come with different logos or colours. If this is the case, we will randomly ship boat hulls with various logos or colours.