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Scavenger Bait Boat Rubber Seal


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Product information "Scavenger Bait Boat Rubber Seal"
BearCreeks Scavenger Bait Boat Rubber Seal is designed to be attached between the top and bottom hulls of your bait boat to prevent water ingress. Made of high-quality rubber material, this seal provides excellent protection against water damage and ensures that your bait boat remains in good working condition.

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Accessory Items

Scavenger Bait Boat Top + Bottom Hull
The hydrodynamic catamaran design is precisely injection-molded using 3D CAD technology. The hulls are assembled and sealed with rubber seals and stainless steel screws, eliminating the need for gluing or drilling. The package includes the upper and lower hull, battery cover, and echo sounder recess cover.This set comes with all necessary drillings for LED light systems and motors, and has a feed chamber capacity of 5kg with a recess for 2 release couplings. Please Note: As BearCreeks is also an OEM manufacturer, the boat boat hulls may come with different logos or colours. If this is the case, we will randomly ship boat hulls with various logos or colours. 

Scavenger Bait Boat Hopper Rubber Seal
This hopper rubber  seal fits between the bait boat hull and the hopper door, preventing water from entering the boat during use. The seal is easy to install and provides an extra layer of protection for your bait boat.